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First Impressions are Important


It might sound like a tired old line, but it’s not as tired as the first impression that some businesses give to potential Customers.

Presentation is everything and every business needs to look tidy, organised, professional and ‘hungry’ for new business.

The impressions you create for a potential Customer before they even get in your front door are critical – they will give your potential Customer a subconscious mental picture of your complete business and if it looks un-kept, disorganised and unprofessional then that is the message you are sending to your Customers.

Everyone understands that different businesses operate in different environments but that doesn’t mean the business can’t be proud of who they are.

Take the time to look at you business from the ‘outside’ or better still ask a close friend who you know can be brutally honest for their first impressions of your complete Customer experience – you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find to do better.

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First Impressions are Important

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