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Extend your Warranty / Guarantee


What is the Warranty/Guarantee that you provide to your Customers?

If you don't have a Warranty/Guarantee with your business products/services then you need to create one ... now!

If you do have one is it widely promoted as part of your Value Proposition to your Customers.

One great way to add value to your Customers is to extend your Waranty/Guarantee for a longer period - it's a great add-on which has real value to your Customer without significant direct cost to your business.

Extending your Warranty/Guarantee is a good method of differentiation between yourself and your Competitors.

So if you've got a Warranty/Guarantee look at how you can extend it for your Customers ... and if you've not got one then you'd better create one now or risk being behind your Competitors.

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Extend your Warranty / Guarantee

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