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Plan for the Unforeseen


Good planning is an art. It’s an art to be able to plan for the unforeseen. Planning is about having a road map of where you want to go but being flexible enough to take the detour as it arises then being able to modify your track to still get to your destination.

By having a plan and working to it, you are then able to respond to the unforeseen and you will know what will be affected while you deal with the new issue and more importantly when you’ve finished on the unplanned item you can quickly review your plan and then get back on track again.

Planning for the unforeseen is also about making sure that you have some spare time in the schedule to be able to be flexible. It’s no good having such a rigid and full planned schedule that you physically (and mentally) can’t respond to any unforeseen item – the key is planned flexibility.

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Plan for the Unforeseen

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