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Management Needs to Support Staff


Every business owner needs to work hard at getting the right people and then "letting them do the job" they are employed to do - this means allowing them to make decisions in their role.

As a businesses owner you have to clearly agree with staff on the authority they can use in the business, such as making decisions, authorising expenditure & dealing with operational & customer issues.

Once these levels of authority are set you need to create a culture of allowing employees to make decisions within their understanding of authority levels ... and when there is some uncertainty to take a risk and make a decision.

There is a principle that we like to share with our employees "'s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission...".

By this we suggest to employees that we like them to make decisions and if they make a mistake in their decision making process (as long as it's not negligent) then we would much rather them say sorry than have not to have made any decision at all.

This process encourages growth in the business and leas to more responsive administration, operationd and most importantly Customer Service.

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Management Needs to Support Staff

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