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Who Needs a Job Description


Yes, everyone knows you need them – but have you got them in your business? Job descriptions are an essential part of employing any form of assistance, be it permanent, part-time or casual – in fact even contractors and consultants need a written brief to work against. Job descriptions are not business red tape but are an essential tool to be able to properly manage people.

A simple job description provides a short list of duties and expectations and can be used to ensure that the employee clearly understands what is required of them and how the job is to be performed. Without a job description it is exceptionally difficult to discipline an employee because they can simply respond to any suggestion of non-performance with “I didn’t know that was part of my job”.

If an employee has an expectation of getting a bonus how would you both know if the performance has been above expectation if what is expected isn’t listed in a simple job description?

The final word on job descriptions is that if you have to get to the point of dismissal for non-performance then having a clear job description against which you can demonstrate non-performance will assist your case.

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Who Needs a Job Description

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