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Get Your Business in the Local Paper


Local people and local businesses always like to read about local events. We’re all proud of where we live and work and like to read about success stories, new developments of public/community interest stories.

To get in the local paper, take the time over a month or so (if it’s a weekly edition) to read it and look for an opportunity to make a contribution. Journalists (who have regular deadlines for their contributions – much the same as we do here at Profit Advantage) are always looking for new and interesting ideas, articles and features.

Good news about your business could include such things as a new product development, plant improvements, increased local employment, a successful employee or sponsorship of a community or charity event etc. Then it’s simply a matter of contacting your local paper and asking to speak to a journalist about your news idea.

You can increase your chance of the idea being picked up if you write some words (a media release) that can then be used by the journalist as the basis for their article. Media coverage can be a fickle thing to get so keep looking for ideas and keep passing them to your journalist contact – there will be a slow news day and there will be opportunities to get your business in the paper, you’ll just have to work it like most business opportunities – consistently.

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Get Your Business in the Local Paper

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